The Conspiracy Against Conspiracies and Crazy Dr. Kory

“Conspiracy” has become a very weird word. It is now a term that negates itself as soon as it is said. If heard in conversation, one assumes that the “conspiracy” is a crazy notion hatched in someone’s fevered imagination and refers to something that cannot possibly exist.

“Conspiracy” is usually partnered with the word “theory” or “theorist.” No one wants to be a “conspiracy theorist.” People will laugh and heap scorn upon you because you are obviously a nutjob.

Powerful interests working together to serve themselves at the public’s expense? Well, that’s just crazy talk.

American wars in the Middle East for oil interests? Conspiracy theory.

Politicians and Wall Street manipulating the mortgage industry leading to the 2007 financial crisis? Conspiracy theory.

Tobacco companies cooking the data about how dangerous their product is? Conspiracy theory.

“Conspiracy” was not always a word that contradicted itself. NYU Media Studies Professor Mark Crispin Miller discovered that it was the CIA who originally rigged the term, “conspiracy,” to self-destruct. After the Kennedy assassination, the CIA found the notion of anyone but a lone gunman killing President Kennedy to be an inconvenient possibility, so they developed a strawman to ridicule: the “conspiracy theorist.” The campaign was so successful that the literal meaning of the word was forever changed.

The idea that the CIA could change the meaning of a word and that this change would be accepted by everyone for all time sounds like  just another conspiracy theory.

The Trump era is buried in a bewildering blizzard of conspiracy theories. The most prominent, embraced by every so-called “mainstream” media outlet, was that Donald Trump had stolen his election with the help of the Russians and, as President, worked as their agent in the White House. Along the way, some prostitutes had peed on him in Moscow or in Barack Obama’s bed, or something like that. It was all reported quite seriously, until it all got flushed down the memory hole on the way to the next conspiracy or faux conspiracy, depending on one’s point of view.

As it turns out, the Russia Collusion conspiracy theory was itself a conspiracy because the Russian collusion story was hatched by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and executed by the FBI, to reverse Trump’s election.

Now there are charges of a massive voter fraud conspiracy manufactured to reverse Joe Biden’s election.

The tin foil manufacturers, who produce the material for the tin foil hats to prevent mind control, must be doing big business these days.

Surely a global pandemic can focus the mind, regardless of headgear. With so many lives on the line during the Covid-19 pandemic, the authorities really lowered the boom on conspiracy theories.

Some simpletons were spreading a malicious conspiracy theory that the Covid19 was not a naturally-occurring virus but was manufactured in that lab in Wuhan, China. Fortunately, medical professionals, writing in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, Lancet, stepped up to slap down that foolish ignorance: “Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct.”

It was one of those unequivocal statements that went along with the ones that said that masks were necessary and effective outdoors, schools should be shut,  and the new vaccines were absolutely safe. Except it was not true. Now even Dr. Fauci admits that the virus might have come from the lab. But surely everything else is absolutely true. Only a conspiracy theorist would think otherwise. 

Anyone can inadvertently get caught up in a conspiracy, like a heretofore relatively unknown Milwaukee doctor, Pierre Kory. Dr. Kory noticed that after Covid appeared, the government did not bother to study whether or not an existing drug might be able to successfully treat the new disease. It was surely just an oversite. In any case, “waiting for a vaccine,” was much more exciting. It was cutting edge, and built anticipation as the terrified world sheltered in place. 

Lockdowns, Covid body counts, and intrepid scientists coming to the rescue with high tech vaccines made for must-see television. It’s a good thing we know that the media is much too socially responsible to sell alarmism and put ratings and profits over people. Only a conspiracy theorist would suggest to the contrary.

But back to Dr. Kory, who wondered why Covid19 vaccines were being prioritized over potentially cost-effective and more timely treatments. He helped form the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, a global group of physicians who were not content to wait for a vaccine. They had the peculiar idea that people might suffer and die in the meantime.

Dr. Kory and his organization were successful early advocates for the use of steroids, which proved frequently effective against the disease in its later stages.

The group’s most exciting discovery against Covid19 was a commonly used drug called Ivermectin, which showed great promise in clinical studies. For many years, Ivermectin had been routinely prescribed as a treatment against parasites. It turns out that Ivermectin combines powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, well-suited for the treatment of Covid-19. Moreover, because the patents on Ivermectin  have expired, the drug is cheap, and because of its long usage with billions of doses given, it has a long track record of safety. Against Covid-19, Ivermectin is currently in widespread and increasing use in Africa, South America, and parts of India, where the data is showing powerful results.

The work of Kory’s group came to the attention of Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), who asked Kory to testify before his Homeland Security Committee last December, but before the doctor had a chance to speak, the Democratic politicians on the Committee judged his testimony to be an irresponsible partisan exercise and walked out. Exactly why they thought this was so, they did not explain.

Dr. Kory, who happens to be a self-described “very left-wing Democrat,” was offended. “This is a miracle wonder-drug,” Kory implored.  “If you take it before you’re infected, you will not get sick. If you take it on sensing the first symptoms, there is almost no chance that you will die.”

To substantiate such bold claims, Kory and his colleagues had a paper set for publication in  Frontiers in Pharmacology.  The paper had passed a peer-review process, which included former FDA scientists. But someone outside the peer-review process has managed to scuttle the paper’s publication.

Rigorous peer review is so pre-Covid19 and can fuel conspiracy theories. Better that some anonymous censor somewhere have the final say in case the peer-review process should produce something that’s against the narrative. Permitting dissent during a pandemic is much too dangerous.

Nevertheless, the paper , a meta analysis that examines the body of research, documents 8 studies that show Ivermectin to be highly effective when used prophylactically to keep people from getting Covid19, and 19 studies that show it to be a highly effective treatment once someone has the disease. Apparently there is nothing to see here, so please move along.

Dr. Kory points out that, for the treatment of diseases other than Covid, Ivermectin was approved based on small numbers of relatively tiny studies, but for some reason – in a global health crisis – the NIH will not approve Ivermectin against Covid19 even after numerous clinical studies and successful widespread usage in various parts of the world.

Meanwhile, the new vaccines have been granted an Emergency Use Authorization, which means that some of the usual safety protocols have been waved.

When it comes to fighting Covid19, the bar is lowered for hugely expensive vaccines based on new technology with no long-term track records for safety on humans, but the bar is raised for the inexpensive off-license drug, Ivermectin, proven to be one of the safest drugs in the world based on billions of doses given over the course of many years. Nope. Nothing sinister is going on here at all.

Thousands of specialists all over the world, and millions of citizens, who have managed to find the information, believe the case for Ivermectin is compelling. Here you can listen to biology professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying’s analysis of the situation. These people, with their PhD.’s in biology and left-leaning politics, will appear to some to be as dumb as Trump supporters. Why, they can’t even follow a simple narrative.   

Dr. Kory is now way past proving the effectiveness of Ivermectin. “The problem with Ivermectin is not that it needs more data,” says Kory. “It has proven that it is effective one hundred times over.” The conflict is not really over science anymore, suggests Kory. He says that government authorities are “willfully ignoring” large parts of the data. He points out that when you list the interests that are against Ivermectin, it gets into the hundreds of billions of dollars. ”You could kneecap the entire vaccine industry with Ivermectin.” And that is the problem.

Not only are the large pharmaceutical companies heavily invested in the current vaccines, but boosters are now planned to fight Covid variants. Three sovereign nations, Russia, China, and India, are invested in their own vaccines. And the big drug makers are working on their own new therapies, like Remdesivir, which they can monetize and which is not as effective as Ivermectin. The interests against Ivermectin, declares Kory, are “incalculable.”
“I am not a conspiracy theorist,” concludes Dr. Kory. “I am trying to describe what I am observing.”

Yea, right. So who are you going to trust? Some stupid doctors working independently to save lives, or those nice  altruistic pharmaceutical companies who would NEVER try to manipulate the government or science, not even for billions of dollars in profits?

Is there any wonder why YouTube censored Dr. Kory’s testimony? Thank goodness there is some twenty-something Google employee in a cubicle somewhere to root out faulty medical opinions for us. And thank God we have a government that will not tolerate dissent in a  medical emergency.

You can still listen to Dr. Kory’s Senate testimony HERE, and a recent INTERVIEW . You can listen for yourself and decide how crazy he is.

Pity Dr. Kory and his colleagues, who have nothing personally to gain from all of their hard work and sacrifice. They must be lunatics.

At least they are not alone, because these days, as they say, we are truly “all in this together” — a global lunatic asylum, that is. We conspiracy theorists should conspire to get out, before more lives are destroyed.